Danger 5: Stereo Adventures

Danger 5! The super team of international spies that killed Hitler are back to take on a host of evildoers hell bent on world domination in Danger 5: Stereo Adventures, an Audible original podcast, based on the cult television series, Danger 5.

Absurd humour overflows across eight fantastic missions as Danger 5 embark on a treasure hunt in the Bermuda Triangle, get cool and sexy at Dracula’s beach party, succumb to the dark secrets of the Congo jungle, go on legendary labours in the Greek islands, fall victim to bargain prices in a hellish Australian death- trap, go on the trail of a city squashing giant pussycat and get haunted by nightmares and nibbles in the spooky halls of Danger Manor.

Written by the creators of the original TV series and featuring the original voice cast, Danger 5: Stereo Adventures is a lush listening experience, complete with a 1960s inspired soundscape and exotic lounge soundtrack. Sit back, and let these all-new audio adventures tantalize your ears!

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Danger 5: Stereo Adventures